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Welcome to the Official Website of the Galileo Master Certificate (GMC)

The internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) has earned the reputation as a renowned and authoritative certificate due to the collaboration between GMC providers, major universities, renowned authorities, governments, the United Nations and leading industry experts. It is awarded to individuals as evidence of up to date and quality skills, knowledge, experience and career progression in the renewable energy, engineering, management and finance sectors.

  • The GMC has been awarded globally since 1975
  • Around 5000 professionals worldwide pass the GMC Exam every year
  • The GMC is offered by key providers who work in collaboration with 21 leading universities and it is awarded in over 300 training courses across Europe every year
  • The GMC is recognised as a gateway to working in renewable energy, engineering, management or finance
  • The GMC is regarded by employers as important evidence of personal skills and knowledge relevant to these industries
  • The GMC is administered by the Renewable Energy Institute (REI) and is awarded by selected approved institutes and organisations around the world, following the REI’s certification and approval process
  • The GMC has been awarded to professionals, government officials and students worldwide. Past participants who have been awarded the GMC include representatives from Siemens, Energy Saving Trust, British Gas, Nokia, Nestlé, Coca Cola, Solar Power Scotland, British Army, United Nations Development Programme, NATO and Ministry of Defence
  • Additionally, the GMC is the first step towards qualifying for a Renewable Energy Expert Certificate (provided by the Galileo Project) as part of a learning pathway
Renewable Energy Institute - Galileo Master Certificate Students

How can I achieve the Galileo Master Certificate?

The Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) is awarded to successful participants of short professional training courses on a wide range of topics related to the Renewable Energy, Engineering, Management and Finance sectors.

The virtual & in-person classroom training courses feature a unique blend of theoretical and practical training, covering a diverse range of topics within these industries including design, repair, installation and maintenance as well as marketing, management, finance and policy.

The GMC can also be achieved as part of Distance Learning training programmes, allowing participants to complete the courses and exams online from any location in the world.

Renewable Energy Institute - Galileo Master Certificate

The highest accolade available with the Galileo Master Certificate is the Accredited Master Award. This is being studied by a range of participants from major international organisations including the United Nations (UNDP). The Accredited Master Award is made up of 12 – 15 Galileo Master Certificate courses. You can find out more about the award, and available funding options on our partner organisation, the Renewable Energy Institute’s website here.

Learn more about the available courses, teaching programmes and the GMC exam.
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“The course increased my detailed knowledge of technical aspects of PV. It will be useful to provide insights to colleagues developing PV systems in the company.”
Diego Mora