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The Certificate

The Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) is awarded to participants who successfully pass the exams for courses provided by the Renewable Energy Institute and the Centro Studi Galileo.

The award has been in circulation since 1975 and over the years has become the pinnacle of global recognition for training in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency. The GMC and the GMC logo can be displayed on social media accounts, specifically your professional LinkedIn profile to showcase the training and knowledge you have acquired.

Multiple GMCs can be achieved and can be counted towards Consultant Expert Certificates and the full Master in Renewable Energy Award.

Career Prospects

The types of jobs available in the renewable energy sector are diverse, ranging from engineering, installation and maintenance, to project management, consultancy and finance. Past participants have secured various roles, including:

  • Renewable Energy Project Manager
  • Renewable Energy Engineer
  • Renewable Energy Consultant
  • Renewable Energy Sales Agent
  • Renewable Energy Contracts Manager

Providers and Partners

Past GMC achievers include professionals coming from non-technical backgrounds, as well as technical engineers, people new to the renewable energy field wanting to enter the green energy sector, and current employees in the renewable energy industry looking to enhance their career and upskill in new technologies.

Recent GMC achievers have been employees from the following companies: Aecom, Agip, Air Liquide, Alenia, Alfabiotech, Alfa Laval, Alfa Romeo, Allianz Insurance (Japan), Amazon, Atlas, Aviano Air Base,  Barilla, Basf, Bennet, Beretta, Birra Moretti, BNY Mellon, Borletti, Bosch, Bristol, British Army, British Gas, Cambridge University, Candy, Carrefour, Carrier, Carter Jones, Castrol, Ciba Geigy, Changeworks, Cirio, Clivet, CNR, Coca-Cola, Cofathec, Coop Supermercati, Costan, Costa Crociere, Daikin, Dalmine, De Agostini, De Longhi, Delchi Carrier, Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), Deutsche Bank, Diavia, Du Pont, Dow Chemical, EDF Energy, Elah, Elf, Elyo, Embraco, Enea, Enel, Energy Saving Trust, Engineers without Borders UK, Eni, Environment Agency, E.On, Eridania, Euratom, European Investment Bank, FAO, Federal Ministry of Science and Technology (Nigeria), Ferrero, Ferrarelle, Fiat Automobile, Fiat Avio, Friends of the Earth, Ford Motor Company, Galbani, Giesse, Greater London Authority, Greenpeace, Heineken, Henkel, Heriot-Watt University, Hilton International Hotels, HM Forces, Hoechst, Honeywell, IBM, Ilva, Imq, Inail, Indesit, Inps, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Italian Industry Petroleum, Institute of Nuclear Physics (It), Iveco, Knoll Pharmaceutical, KPMG, Kraft, Lamborghini, Landis, LEGO, Lepetit, LSBU, Lubrizol, Marks and Spencer, Martini & Rossi, Max Meyer Duco, Merloni, the MET Office, Ministry Budget (It), Ministry of Transport (It), Ministry of Defence (It), Ministry of Defence (GB), Ministry of the Treasury (It), Ministry of Health (Malaysia), Mitsubishi, Mobil, Montedison, Müller, Multiwarm, National Water and Electricity Company Ltd (the Gambia), NATO (USA), National Grid (UK), Naval, Nestlé, NHS Tayside, Nippon Oil, North American Development Bank, Nokia, Ocean, Olivetti, OVO Energy, Oxfam GB, Panasonic, Parker, Parmalat, Pavesi, PepsiCo, Pininfarina, Pirelli, Plasmon, R.A.I., Rhone Poulenc, Ricardo-AEA, Riello, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and more..,

Renewable Energy Expert Pathway

The GMC also qualifies participants to pursue expert learning pathways for Expert Certificates provided by the Galileo Project. Expert Certificates are devised to help individuals develop expertise in a chosen field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

For information on your nearest training provider please contact