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The Certificate

The GMC certificate is awarded to successful participants of renewable energy, engineering, management and finance training courses and acts as a leading gateway into these sectors as well as enhancing career progression.

Approximately 5000 participants from around the world are awarded the Galileo Master Certificate each year. The GMC is awarded in over 300 training courses across Europe in collaboration with 21 leading Universities and institutions.

The GMC exam is held at major universities across Europe. It is also available globally online, through interactive and innovative Distance Learning programmes, using the latest online educational tools.

Industry Authority

The GMC is recognised by industry professionals, authorities and employers as a gateway to a career in Renewable Energy, Engineering, Management or Finance. The Galileo Master Certificate provides a clear indication to industry professionals and employers of the skills, knowledge and experience gained within the particular field of work.

Career Prospects

The teaching leading to the Certificate has been designed to enhance the career prospects of individual professionals within the renewable energy, engineering, management and finance sectors.

Internationally recognised as evidence of the skills and knowledge gained during the training course, the Galileo Master Certificate acts as a proven gateway for employment in renewable energy, engineering, management and finance, as well as offering career progression in across areas.

Providers and Partners

The Galileo Master Certificate is awarded by organisations who work in association with leading universities and institutions around the world. Over 300 training courses are delivered each year across Europe.

The courses and exams are rigorously and continuously assessed by the EMTEU committee at the REI. This ensures the quality standards of knowledge which are necessary for the renewable energy and energy efficiency industry.

Renewable Energy Expert Pathway

The GMC also qualifies participants to pursue expert learning pathways for Expert Certificates provided by the Galileo Project. Expert Certificates are devised to help individuals develop expertise in a chosen field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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