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The Exam

In order to receive the internationally recognised Galileo Master Certificate (GMC), participants must pass the GMC exam.

The GMC exam will be available to participants who enrol onto renewable energy and energy efficiency training courses delivered by the Renewable Energy Institute and the Centro Studi Galileo. The exam can be sat via a distance learning platform from any location worldwide. Each exam is 10-15 multiple choice questions, 30 minutes in duration and is open book.

The training courses and exams are administered and compiled by a team of quality assessors consisting of authorities, leading experts and university professors.

This team of quality assessors have up to 40 years of practical and theoretical experience within the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors.

Galileo Master Certificate Training

Many of the exam papers follow course material based on the European-funded project EMTEU.

Both the courses and the exams are rigorously and continuously assessed by the EMTEU committee at the REI to ensure the exams meet the standard of knowledge expected within the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors.