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Training and Courses

The Galileo Master Certificate (GMC) is awarded to participants who successfully pass the GMC exam. The exam is taken upon completion of renewable energy, engineering, management and finance training courses; which cover a wide range of topics.

The GMC is offered to participants in more than 300 professional renewable energy, engineering, management and finance training courses each year, in association with leading institutions and universities across Europe.

Galileo Master Certificate Training

Many training courses are also available through an innovative distance learning online platform, allowing students from around the world to participate in the training courses, and sit the exam for the GMC.

The training courses are taught by university professors or experts in their chosen field, many with over 30 years of practical and theoretical experience within these sectors.

The renewable energy, engineering, management and finance training courses cover the latest technology, and provide theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of the skills required to work within each sector.

The training courses cover a wide range of topics in the industry including construction, maintenance, repairs as well as finance, carbon, marketing, management and policy.

Renewable Energy, Engineering, Management and Finance Training Courses awarding the Galileo Master Certificate include:


  • Electrics for Renewables
  • Solar Photovoltaic
  • Solar Water Heating
  • Wind Power
  • Wave and Hydro Power
  • Renewable Energy Management & Finance
  • Renewable Market Trends & Finance
  • Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Carbon Management
  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  • Biomass
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Heat Pumps


  • Managing Energy Resources (Connecting to the Grid)
  • Efficient Electrical Installation
  • Domestic Energy Efficiency
  • Building Performance


  • Project Management
  • Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Renewable Energy Management & Finance
  • Marketing for Renewable Energy
  • Competitive Advantage in Renewable Energy


  • Financial Management
  • Risk Financing
  • Project Finance
  • Carbon Finance

Many courses which qualify for the Galileo Master Certificate are based upon the European-funded EMTEU Project.

Renewable Energy Expert Learning Pathways

Successful attainment of Renewable Energy Galileo Master Certificates allows participants to progress through the following expert learning pathways in order to attain an Expert Certificate. 

  • Solar Expert Energy Efficiency Expert 
  • Renewable Energy Expert Consultant 
  • Green Energy Expert 
  • Renewable Heat and RHI 

Expert Successful participants of the expert learning pathways achieve the Galileo Master Certificate as well as the expert certificate for their chosen pathway.

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